The Dunedin Stamp & Postcard Club welcomes all collectors of Stamps,
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Monthly meeting are held at​​:-​

           St Anne's Hall,
​           St Mary's Church,
           Whitby Street, Mornington

7.30 p.m.    4th Thursday of each month

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The letter for May is

What's Coming Up . . . . .

          13th May - Afternoon meeting

          23th May - Pauline Lane - South Georgia

What's been happening in 2019 . . . . .

Don White

New Zealand Post

David Allison

A buy, sell & exchange night was held 

What in happened in 2018
Displays by Mark Grellet, Val Sparrow, Graham Pelvin and Sinclair Mclaren of their entries from the Armistice Stamp Show 2018

9th - 11th November
The Armistice Stamp Show - Dunedins first-ever full National Stamp & Postcard Exhibition

Annual General Meeting

Ray Bennett from Timaru was our guest and brought a display based on the troopships used to transport the 2nd Echelon to the war zone in World War 1. It included postcards, letters and ephemera.

James Dignan spoke on 'Art' on stamps, from the time of the Royal Academy through Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Cubism and all the other movements. He also pointed out many of the 'Art Style' influences that have been used in the design of postage stamps.
Entries for the George Rolton 4 page Cup were on display

A successful auction was held, featuring 179 lots

John Watts from Auckland gave a talk and display on Christmas.
NZ Post Office Christmas telegrams, advertising, Thank you cards to helpers, Christmas air-graphs from WW2 troops etc. There was hardly a stamp in sight. It was a most interesting variation on the usual form of stamp collecting.

Russell Edwards gave a talk on the 20th century history of Vietnam (including Indo-China, North & South Vietnam), then displayed pages of stamps from his Veitnam collection.

Sinclair McLaren then spoke on 'Holes'  in stamps, that's the good type (Perfins) not the ones caused by bookworms. He also displayed a 1 frame exhibit which had no stamps. Instead it was made up of cartoons published by 'Punch'  magazine during World War I.

George Stewart from Invercargill showed parts of 4 different exhibits and talked on the different catergories that they were entered in at exhibitions.

Wayne Bowen was our guest speaker and talked on his collection of Russian Local stamps.

January 2018
We started the year off with a Buy, Sell & Exchange night.

November Meeting - 30th
This started with a visit at 5 p.m. to the Dunedin branch of DX Mail.
Ray Bennett from Timaru was the guest speaker at our normal meeting. He displayed items from his collection ranging from a cover with a 'Silverstream' (SS) manuscript marking, to German 1923 inflation mail, an envelope that was flown across the South Pole and many other interesting items.

October Meeting - September 26th
This was our Annual General meeting. Reports were received from the Chairman (Mark Grellet), Treasurer (Bob Herron) and the Exchange Superintendent (Val Sparrow). The meeting re-elected the existing committee members with the addition of Dave Helyer. Mel Carr was the guest speaker and displayed a selection of stamps/covers featuring bridges. Sinclair McLaren presented the results of the Clubs annual competion.     
     Allingham Trophy - Val Sparrow
     New Zealand Cup - Mark Grellet
     Yvonne Benson Postcard Cup - Val Sparrow

Meeting 28th
Alastair Drummond, who was the winner of this years monthly 1 page competition, displayed the entries that he had prepared.

August Meeting - 24th
​Wayne couldn't make it to our August meeting so Sinclair McLaren filled in with a musical and philatelic trip through the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Each national anthem was played with club members having to identify the country (it seems that members thought Georgia had entered about 6 teams). Each anthem was then followed by a couple of pages of stamps from his collection relating to the country.

July Meeting - 27th July
​July was our annual auction.

June Meeting - 22nd June
Alan Kilpatrick displayed and talked about several of his collections; notably The Moa (New Zealand Boats and NZ placenames) and his interest in geneology and how he has connected it to philately. He finished with some pages of unusual items which he asked us to look at, then quizzed us on our powers of oberservation i.e. what was unusual.

May Meeting 25th
The May meeting saw 
John Steel talking and displaying 'Trains on Stamps' and Pauline Lane talking and displaying items from her  South Georgia collection.

April Meeting 27th
The 'George Rolton' Cup attracted 8 entries and was won by Alan Kilpatrick with his display on 'Ratites' (that's Emu's).

This was also members display night. 
Stamp collecting can be a very solitary hobby, so each member present stood and gave a short talk on their collecting interests.

March Meeting - 23rd March
Sinclair McLaren displayed his "Demon Drink" postcard exhibit which was awarded a Large Silver at the 2016 "Christchurch Stamp & Postcard Show". He also displayed a number of 8 pages exhibits and discussed a variety of techniques used when building an exhibit.

February Meeting
Bob Herron talked and displayed part of his Southland Postal History collection and Val Sparrow talked on life in the Chatham Islands, illustrated with many souvenirs of her time on the Islands.

Is it Christmas time already?
On Sunday 11th December the Club held its annual Christmas Function with a delicious meal, drink, conversation and commarderie at the Wharf Hotel in Dunedin.

Ray Bennett  from Timaru visits
For our October meeting we were invaded by visitors from the Timaru Philatelic Society. The visitors arrived early in the day and they along with several Dunedin members were taken on a tour through the Southern Colour Printing factory. This was followed by a meal at the Mornington Tavern then on to our club rooms where Timaruvian, Ray Bennet, was the guest speaker. 


Some of the notable events in the club's history include:-
26 September 1913 - The inaugural meeting was held. President: Mr du Croz, Secretary: Mr R.N. Gray, Exchange Superintendant: Mr H.B.Anderson

1914 - 1918 - World War I followed by an influenza epidemic curtailed activities.

1920 - 1940 - Mr J. McAra and Dr M. Watt were dominant members. Mr McAra was President from 1923 to 1940.

1926 (March) - Third Philatelic Congress and National Exhibition were held. Entries in 15 classes from New Zealand and Australian collectors were received. 

1932 - 1933 - Special meetings were held to view the 300 rejected designs for the 1935 Pictorials.

1935 (May) - George Kitchin of Wilcox Smith Co., critically reviewed the frequency of Australian commemoratives, the practice of collecting errors and disgraceful exploitation by P.O.'s.

1960 - 1986 - Mr J.B. Hamel - outstanding member who participated actively in most aspects of the hobby.

1964 October - 50th Jubilee Dinner was held. (This was 13 months late!)

1974 October - 60th Jubilee Dinner was held. (Late again!)

1978 October - Mr J. Botermans was appointed as Secretary and his enthusiam gave new life to the Society.

1978 March- The NZ Philatelic Federation met in Dunedin for the first time.

1979 February - 65th Jubilee - A Philatelic Expo was held which attracted 46 entries. A Jubilee Dinner was enjoyed (Getting better, only 5 months late!)
A Young Stamp Collectors club was formed, organised by the ever so busy Mr Botermans for 25 years until its disbandment in 2004.

1984 - Mr J. Botermans appointed as a founding member of the NZ Philatelic Youth Council and he agreed to investigate the possibility of staging a National Youth Philatelic Exhibition in Dunedin.

1987 August 27 - 31, STAMPEX '87 - A special committee was set up with Dr R.M. Carr as President and Mr J. Botermans as Secretary. Funding for the Exhibition was obtained from the Young Stamp Collectors Club, supporting members subscription, donations, souvenir sales, dealers stands rentals, door entry fees and competitors fees. Souvenirs included four different Miniature Sheets of Endangered Species, labels and postcards. NZ Post provided special postmarks for each of the four days of the Exhibition. Stampex '87 attracted 130 Youth entries and 149 Adult entries, each of 16 pages (one frame). Mr L. Franks was chairman of the 20-member Jury. A total of 35 medals were awarded for the Youth entries and more than 2000 people viewed the Exhibition

1988 - 75th Jubilee Regional Exhibition was held in the Otago Museum. The Exhibition attracted 47 entries.

1990 - A non-competitive Exhibition was held to mark the 150th Anniversary of the European settlement of Otago.
March 1994 - Stamp Week '94 Exhibition and competition was held in the Carnegie Centre.

1994 1994 - Centennipex '94 was held in the Otago Museum, celebrating 100 years of stamp exhibitions in New Zealand. It attracted 58 entries from New Zealand collectors.

1999 - The first annual Stampshow was held in the Community Gallery.

2002 November - Amber Everett (15), a junior club member, won the Young New Zealand Philatelist of the Year trophy. A great achievement!

2003 September - 90th Jubilee Dinner (Finally, on time!). To celebrate, the Society organised a special Jubilee miniature sheet, a special postal permit and a commemorative logo.

2013 October - The club celebrated it Centenary. After 100 years, we held another jubilee event on time with our special meeting being held exactly 100 years to the day after the club had been formed. An exhibtion was held in the Dunedin Community Gallery with a 4 page competition held for Club members. This was judged by Jeff Long from Christchurch with Sinclair McLaren being awarded the Centennial Cup. 

2016 February - The Club moves to its new premises at St Annes Hall in Mornington.

2016 October - The Club adopts the informal name of "The Dunedin Stamp and Postcard Club".

2018 - The Club hosted "The Armistice Stamp Show 2018" - This was the first time that the Dunedin Philatelic Society had hosted a Full National Stamp Exhibition.

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